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Beloved ones, You must now wake up from all the fear-based ignorant teachings of the past, the perversions of the message that I taught and who I was, and truly see and hear correctly. For many centuries your hearts have been darkened and your vision blinded by false teachings about my life, the nature of my death, and my teachings.

You have built many religions and movements based on untruths and led yourselves into deeper bondage and suffering. If you will stop your sufferings and ignorance, you must wake up from self-deception and desire to see correctly and be willing to leave the false behind and wake up from your slumber. This is a choice many are not willing to make because you choose fear and conformity rather than truth and awakening.

Many of you are questioning what religions built in my name have taught you. Do not doubt yourselves, because it is that the awareness on your planet is rising and the veils of ignorance and illusion are being lifted layer by layer. This is your own true nature waking you up from lifetimes of deep slumber to the truth of love. These old paradigms will no longer work because their very foundations which are based on illusion and fear and worship of man-made teachings are being shaken.

Those that desire the truth about my life and teachings will hear it in the depth of their being. I am not your messiah and I am not the only son of God. I was not sent to die for the sins of the world. You must leave behind these old fear-based illusions of sacrificial lambs which keep you stuck in deep patterns of fear and bondage. I am just like you, one who walked the same paths as you in many lifetimes and out of my own seeking and questioning pierced the veils of ignorance for myself and woke up to the truth of my divine nature just like many did before me and continue to do to this day. Continue Reading here